Wakefield Mistress

For all who enjoyed Story 2, here as promised, is a continuation of the adventures of Josh.




The Continuing Story of The Training of Josh.

The door opened, but Josh was surprised to see, not Mistress but a stranger standing in the doorway. For a few seconds he was noneplussed and hesitated, but then the boy holding the door smiled and stood back so that Josh could enter.
As he preceded Josh through several rooms he remained silent. Josh stared at his back and wondered who he was. Some other trainee maybe? He decided to open the conversation.
' You probably know who I am.' he stated. ' Nice to meet you. What is your name? '
The boy glanced back and met his gaze for a brief instant then continued walking without responding. Josh felt irritated and snubbed and was just going to repeat his question when Mistress Jenna appeared.
The boy instantly stopped walking, stepped to one side and waited silently for Mistress to speak.
After a short silence, Mistress spoke.
' You are ten minutes late' she told Josh.
' I'm sorry. The traffic was pretty bad Mistress.' he replied.
' How far is it from your house to mine? ' Mistress asked.
Josh hesitated.
' About two miles Mistress.' he mumbled.
Mistress said nothing, but her cool gaze bored into Josh until he squirmed.
' I will set off earlier next time Mistress. ' he vowed.
' Very well Josh. We will let it pass for now. Please ensure that you arrive punctually in future.' said Mistress.

She beckoned both boys into the large, brightly lit room that she used for training. It was furnished very sparsely. There were several tables of varying size, two large armchairs, each with a matching footstool and a set of big shelves that ran the length of one wall. On the bottom shelves were various items of crockery, glasswear and many other items used in the home. The top shelves were stacked with various manacles, irons, chains and cuffs. On another wall stood a huge open wardrobe in which were hung all the paraphinalia of the Gorean slave, including harnesses, silks, hoods and jewellery.
Josh barely glanced around the room as he knew it well by now. There was one practically identical in Mistress Emma's house and he also knew that they sometimes shared or pooled various items that were expensive or difficult to procure.

He looked at Mistress Jenna who usually gave the command to strip, but when she did not do so, began to undress of his own accord, but was stopped by Mistress.
' Things will be a little different today.' she told Josh. ' As you see, I have another boy here. His name is Ash and he also is eager to be trained in Gorean procedures. Ash has been ordered not to speak without my permission and I now give him that permission to chat freely to you. Now then....As I do not wish to have the trouble of instructing you separately, you will both need to pay attention. I am not in the mood to repeat everything twice, so I advise you to focuss totally on me and on what I say. I will be addressing both of you at once. Do you understand me? '
' Yes Mistress.' replied both boys.
' Good.' Now you may both strip. ' Mistress Jenna told them.
As Josh undressed he felt a little piqued by the fact that he was not to have Mistress all to himself. After all, he told himself, he had driven home after a very long hard day and had a quick shower and bite to eat just so he could be here. He had come out even though he felt tired and still annoyed by the situation and what's more, he was willing to put it all aside and do his best. He felt unappreciated and ill used and again wondered why he was here when he could have done with a drink, an evening's TV viewing and then an early night.
' Maybe this is not for me? ' he asked himself.

Once they were both naked, Mistress Jenna took them over to the shelves and pointed out what she wanted them to wear.
' You will both help each other to dress.' she ordered. ' Once you are satisfied that you look your best, attend me in the lounge. Remember that the time I am generous enough to give you is not unlimited and I expect you to be quick. '
Mistress left the room and Josh and Ash carefully got down the items pointed out to them. Mistress had chosen typical Gorean slave harnesses, consisting of a wide red leather belt worn low around the hips. Doubled over the belt at the front was a widish band of yellow silk that passed between the legs and then attached to the back, thus forming a loin cloth of sorts. The belts were thicky decorated with large copper studs that gleamed as they caught the bright lights that flooded the room.

When the harnesses were in on, both boys combed their hair in front of one of the big mirrors. Josh noticed that Ash's mousy brown hair was quite long and that it looked to be freshly washed. He frowned a little as he tidied his own slightly greasy hair. He just KNEW he should have given it a quick wash instead of having that extra cup of coffee, but somehow he had not felt in the right frame of mind to make the effort.
Glancing again at the other boy he relaxed and a smug smile lifted the corners of his mouth. So the other had made an effort had he? Well, he needed to, because he was certainly nothing special with his thin body, pale complexion and mousy hair. Josh knew he was considered good looking and was well aware that he stood out in a crowd with his pale blonde hair and handsome face. He also sporadically worked out and ate fairly sensibly and his body was slim and muscular. Josh was proud of the way he looked and knew that Ash could not hope to compete when it came to appearance.

After the combing came the part that Josh felt very ambivalent about.
Both Mistress Jenna and Mistress Emma had instructed Josh to rub a tiny amount of red lip salve onto both lips and nipples. This was to be done in a very subtle way that just enhanced and was not noticable unless one knew it was there. Josh felt that as a very straight male he would be sissifying himself by such a process, but at the same time, he had to admit that the effect was very flattering and seemed to bring out the blue of his eyes and make his whole face seem more animated and vital.
Sighhhing he picked up the pot of salve and began to apply it sparingly.
' What do you think of this then? ' he asked Ash, with a wide grin and a 'one of the lads' wink. ' A bit errrr dontcha think? '
Ash grinned back as he took the pot from Josh.
' Yes, I agree it's a bit errr as you put it and I am not sure I like doing it, but it does bring a bit of colour to my face and I certainly need all the help I can get! Apart from that, we don't really have a choice and Mistress wants it done, so I just look at the benefits....ie It makes me look a bit better. '
His friendly face looked so honest and genuine as he smiled, that Josh felt slightly ashamed of his previous opinion of Ash and decided that he was someone who he might enjoy knowing.
' Yes I suppose we have to accept whatever Mistress wants.' he conceded. ' Now we had better make an appearance.'
Ash nodded and followed Josh to the door.
' Here we go! ' he whispered as they reached it.




When they reached the door to the lounge, Josh stretched out a hand to push it open, but was stopped by a hiss from Ash.
'No!. Don't do that!' he whispered. 'Don't you know that you have to beg to enter?'
'Oooops! I forgot!' Josh whispered back. He grinned at Ash and then pulled a face.
Ash stared at him curiously.
'Don't you enjoy doing this?' he asked.
'Yeah, I suppose.' Josh replied. 'I'm tired and a bit fed up tonight. It has been a very long day for me because I have been busy at work.'
'Sorry to hear that.' responded Ash. 'I hope you feel better soon.'

Just then, Mistress's voice cut across their talk.
'Am I to be made to wait while you two have an in depth conversation?' she called. 'I can hear you chattering outside the door and I am neither pleased nor impressed.'
Ash quickly fell to hands and knees and after a moment's hesitation, Josh did the same. Ash scratched at the door and then eased it open. Both boys lowered their foreheads to the floor.
'slave begs permission to enter Mistress.' they chorused.
'Enter and be quick about it!' Mistress snapped.


Half an hour later, Josh was wishing he had stayed at home. Nothing he did seemed to please Mistress Jenna. Time after time, she had criticised his positions and now she was glaring at him as he stretched out the glass of wine she had instructed him to serve.
'Tell me what was objectionable about that serve.' Mistress demanded.
Josh thought hard.
'slave does not know Mistress.' he mumbled sullenly.
'Very well Josh. Observe Ash as he performs the same procedure.' Mistress instructed and nodded to the other boy.

Josh watched Ash as he went through the motions of serving the glass of wine. He could still see no difference between the two serves and privately thought that Ash did not look half so handsome or preposessing as he knew he did. He closely followed every movement that Ash was making. Yes! He had done that and Yes! He had done that also. As Ash held out the wine, Josh fully expected Mistress to find fault with the serve, because he had followed every single move and knew the two procedures had been identical.
He was amazed and not best pleased when he saw Mistress smile and reach out to accept the wine glass, her fingers lightly brushing Ash's fingers as a mark of approval.
'Well done, slave.' she told Ash. 'You have suceeded in pleasing me greatly.'
Ash beamed.
'slave thanks Mistress for being pleased.' he responded formally, a slight stutter becoming apparent as his face flushed with pleasure.
Josh could not help himself.
'Hang on!' he cried angrily.' He did exactly the same as I did! It's not fair!'



Mistress looked at him coldly.
'I do not recall you asking to speak, or my giving you permission to do so.' she stated.
That look stopped Josh in his tracks, but although he stayed quiet, resentment and anger still boiled within him.
Mistress continued to fix him with a look but spoke to Ash.
'Do you perceive any difference between the two performances?' she asked.
'Not really Mistress.' he admitted. 'I did my very best and I am certain that Josh did also.' A slight hesitation and then he added timidly and with a rueful smile. 'I though Josh looked beautiful and I honestly think he presents in a much more graceful manner than I ever could.'
Josh smiled smugly and lifting his head, he met Mistress's eyes full on for an instance, before dropping them again in the prescribed manner.
'There ya go!' his look seemed to say.



Mistress remained silent for so long that both boys could not resist looking up to see what was happening. Mistress's face showed nothing exept an air of cool detachment. At last she spoke.
'Josh, because I have already invested a great deal of time, trouble and effort in your training, I am going to do you a favour and explain what your continuing problem is and why you need to eradicate and address it before it is too late.'
Mistress paused a few seconds to ensure she had the full attention of both boys.
'Gor is not just about pretty positions, beautiful serves, submissive words and graceful movements.' she stated.'Neither is it just about getting all these things perfect, although of course, this is all part of Gor training and without a thorough knowledge of all these things, one cannot be called Gorean.'
Mistress paused again, then continued quietly.
'Gor and in fact all 'slavery', even though it be pretend slavery is mostly about a deep need to be pleasing to all genuine Dominants and most of all to please whichever Dominant you are serving. If you do not have and cannot develop this need, you will never make a true slave. I am not saying that a slave is better than a submissive and I do know that some submissives who do not class themselves as Gorean still develop and feel this need. I also know that some who do class themselves as Gorean never feel or develop it and some can still make very good slaves, but they will never know the joy of this great desire to serve and be pleasing within their belly. I would rather be served by a submissive who is not trained but has this burning desire to please me than a fully trained Gorean slave who serves expertly, but lacks the 'belly'.'
Again Mistress paused and looked at Josh sadly.
'I have never perceived this need to please within you.' she told Josh. 'You go through the motions well enough and you look beautiful, but for me and for many Goreans, this is not enough. Ash on the other hand, does not serve as expertly, or look as beautiful as you, but he has the 'belly' and his burning need is evident in everything he does for me. This is pleasing to me and evokes an answering desire to train him, nurture him and have him near me.'



There was a long silence while Josh thought about Mistress's words.He fidgetted slightly before answering.
'And you perceive this in Ash?' he asked.
Mistress nodded.
'Yes I do.' she responded simply.
'And can you teach me to have this thing that you call belly?' asked Josh.
'No I cannot' Mistress told him. What I can do, is train you to a very high level and try to awaken this need to serve, but I cannot give it to you via a set of rules and instructions. I can also set you on the path that may lead to your developing this thing and I can set in motion your personal triggers that may make the phenomena happen. What I need to decide now is if I consider you worth the time and effort I would have to put in.'


Josh was a little none plussed at this statement. He had always thought that he was being trained so that he could show off his skills to Mistress and maybe her friends and he also had an eye to the future because he knew that he stood a much better chance of finding a permanent owner as a fully trained slave. He considered himself an asset to any discerning Dominant and had fantasized many times about how people would react admiringly when he performed a Gorean serve in somewhere like a good fetish club. The notion that he lacked anything that made him less than perfect or desirable as a slave had never occured to him and he had never once genuinely thought him that being a good slave might include him having the correct mind set. As far as he was concerned, it should not matter one jot whether he had or hadn't a desire to be pleasing, so long as he hid his thoughts, performed adequately and looked perfect. How could someone know what he was feeling and w t f did it matter anyway?



Mistress had been watching him closely and now stood up.
'You are both excused and will go and get changed.' she said. 'I will contact you both before the end of the week. Now goodnight.'
Both boys watched Mistress walk across the room and go out through a door to another part of the house.
They looked at one another. Ash had a fearful and somewhat pitying expression on his face.
'What will you do?' he asked Josh.




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