Wakefield Mistress

For all who enjoyed Story 2, here as promised, is a continuation of the adventures of Josh.




This is a follow on of Story 2 and describes the training of Josh.

As his car slowed down and then turned in to Mistress Jenna's driveway, Josh almost felt like doing a three way turn and heading back home. He was tired and hungry. All he wanted to do right then was to get home, shower and then eat. After that he could visualise a lovely relaxing evening watching TV but instead, here he was as ordered and he was not looking forward to a long gruelling training session with Mistress.
Even though Mistress Jenna was beautiful and commanding, he would happily have given up his time with her to someone else this evening.
He sighed as he parked the car and then glanced in the mirror to run comb through his hair. It was two months since he had eagerly accepted Mistress Jenna'a and Mistress Emma's offer of training and now he was wondering if he would be able to cope for much longer.
Things were not at all as he had expected and he had become disallusioned almost from the word go.

The main problem as Josh saw it was that the two ladies demanded totally different ways of doing things and Josh was constantly in trouble because he forgot who wanted what! True, the positions, kneels, serves and ways of speaking followed prescribed methods and actions, but he had soon found that even strictly regimented methods could be deviated from in subtly different ways suited to the individual tastes of whoever was doing the training.
Only last week, he had been soundly berated and then whipped by a furious Mistress Emma because he had assumed Tower when serving her coffee and then made the mistake of arguing his point.
'How dare you present to me in that way and in blatant disregard of what pleases me?' she had hissed.'How many times have I instructed you to assume Nadu when you serve me?'
Josh could not help himself.
'But Mistress Jenna flew into a rage when I served her in Nadu and ordered me to assume Tower kneel during the basic serve only last week.' he complained. 'She insisted that no male slave would dare to use Nadu when serving a female Free.'

Mistress Emma had given him a long hard stare and then turned to pick up a thin cane.
'First I am going to correct and instruct you and then I am going to punish you.' she told Josh. 'I want you on hands and knees with your head to the floor.'
She had waited until he was in the position before continuing.
'What are the duties of a slave?' she had demanded.
Josh felt his cheeks burning in a combination of embarassment and having his head so low down.
'Absolute obedience.' he muttered.
'Again!' Mistress ordered.
'Absolute obedience' Josh had responded in a louder voice.
'Correct! Do you think this directive is open to interpretation? Could it mean 'absolute obedience when one is in the mood or when it suits one's idea of what is right?' Mistress had asked him
Josh had lifted his head slightly. 'No of course not, but how can I learn what is right when one tells me one thing and the other tells me something totally different? Every week I am in trouble with one of you for doing what I was told to do the week before. What is the point of that?' he'd complained.
'Since you do not agree with my methods, the answer to that question is something I will leave you to figure out' Mistress Emma had stated. 'I will not take the time and trouble to correct and instruct someone who considers it apporopriate to argue with me. If you do not know what the point is by the time your training with me is again due, do not bother turning up. Now I am going to punish you for speaking without permission and for daring to question your Trainer about something that so far, you show little talent or apptitude for. Assume Whipping position.'
Mistress had then given Josh six savage cuts with the cane.
'Now get up, dress and leave my home without opening your mouth.' she had odered. 'I refuse to give you the benefit and gift of my training this evening. Remember that you are to report to me as usual in two weeks only if you have the answer to your own queston.'
Mistress had then left the room and left an angry and miserable Josh to quickly dress and let himself out of the house.

As soon as he got home, he had telephoned sara and told her what had happened.
'What am I expected to do?' he had asked. 'Am I being unreasonable in this or what?'
On the other end of the phone he heard her sigh and then there had been a long silence.
'You think I am wrong?' he had asked.
'I cannot advise you or discuss this with you Josh' sara had explained. 'I can listen to everything you wish to say, but have been ordered by Mistress not to respond with any input of my own.'
Josh had reacted angrily.
'Ah right! You're not allowed to agree with me or even talk about it then!' he shouted. 'How unfair!'
He had heard sara sigh again.
'It is standard training practice Josh' she had told him.'Mistress does things her way. Everyone has different training methods and this is how Mistress does it. sara may listen but may not give her own input. Why not tell me exactly what was said and what happened? It may make you feel calmer and may also give you some insight into what has occured'
Josh had poured his heart out to sara and had calmed a little, but was no nearer to understanding the point of contraditory training. He saw himself as a logical male stuck in the middle of and trying to deal with the vagaries of two females who did not seem to know their own minds or even what they were doing.
He felt that the female mind was a mystery to him and at that moment, did not care if he never began to understand it.

Now as he rang Mistress Jenna's doorbell he steeled himself for another evening of being told he was not doing things correctly.
'I almost wish I was out of all this!' he muttered as he heard the tap of Mistress Jenna's heels coming towards the door.




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