Wakefield Mistress


'I will expect you at five pm sharp!' I tell him. 'Yes Mistress!' he replies and I replace the phone.
I have been training the boy (a newbie) for several weeks. He has been keen and eager to learn and at last I consider he is ready to be seen by my friends and with me in a Mistress/slave capacity. I have decided I will permit him to help and serve at the fetish party I have organised for a week hence.

When the day of the party arrives, I rise late so that I can be still full of energy in the evening. All the food is more or less ready and I take the gateaux and prepared dishes out of the freezer to defrost slowly. The house is shining and fresh and I have very little to do exept check everything is perfect and await the evening.

At 6 pm the boy arrives with a big armful of flowers and I instruct him to fill two large jugs with the scented blooms.

In the meantime I go to dress. I have chosen a red latex long sleeved low necked full length gown split to the hips at the front so that it opens over a red and black latex sussie belt with eight straps ending in big steel fasteners.

Under this I wear tightly stretched latex briefs. I am wearing black sheer, seamed stockings and on my feet are red patent glass platform shoes with six inch heels. These shoes have thongs that lace right up the leg and then tie around the thighs. This makes my skin look very white above the lace tops of the stockings.

Over the gown I fasten a floor length black velvet cloak lined with crimson satin and a wide stand up collar. A heavy and wide antique jet collar and jet earrings fimnish off the outfit.
My hair is loose and hangs straight and uncurled to my waist.

I have chosen Gothic makeup and my face looks ghostly white. My huge eyes are made even larger by dark rings of khol and long false eyelashes and my lips are blood red and gleaming with scarlet gloss.

When I come downstairs the boy has arranged the blooms and is waiting for me. I look at the time.
'Hurry and get ready' I order. 'We have less that an hour before the guests begin to arrive'
I follow him upstairs.
'Get yourself stripped. I have a new harness that I wish you to wear' I tell him.
I produce a red leather chastity harness that straps around the waist and between the legs. At the front and buckled tightly into place is a stiff leather container. It is covered with large steel studs and inside is a device with several small steel rings for the cock and balls to go through. Once the harness is in place I attach small steel padlocks to all four straps so that it cannot be removed until unlocked. I slip the keys into my handbag.
'This will come off after the party if you have suceeded in being pleasing' I state.
I then attach small flower shaped nipple clamps joined by a thin silver chain and instruct him to kneel so that I can inspect the results. I smile with pleasure.
'You will do very well' I say. 'Now you may serve me a small drink and then pour one for yourself. We will relax before the guests begin to arrive'

By eight thirty everyone has arrived and the house is full of laughter. Inroads are being made into the plentiful food and the talk flows.
The boy has been given the task of making sure everyone is supplied with drinks and refills and four other submissives have been delegated by their owners to help, so he is first boy for the evening and seems to be enjoying himself organising all the other subs. I watch him as he hurries about giving instructions.
'Be quick and serve that red wine to Master Adam!' he tells another slave, giving him a little push and I smile as the slave scurries off towards the kitchen.
I beckon the boy and as he kneels to fill my own glass I lean forward and grasp his chin tightly.
'Do not get used to giving orders you slut' I purr. 'Always remember who and what you are'
I dismiss him with a sharp tap on his head and again settle down to enjoy the occasion.

An hour later I suggest that those wishing to play go into the cellar dungeon.
At my whispered instructions, the boy has already prepared the place by lighting the candles in the antique red glass lanterns and the ornate sconces.
Now as most of the guests follow me down the stone steps, the place looks at its best bathed in a low, ruddy, flickering light that casts the shadows of the many hanging rows of toys onto the walls. The boy has placed chairs around the walls for those that do not wish to participate.
'I am afraid that space is a little limited for all you people' I apologise. 'I suggest that we hold a competiition of sorts so that everyone who wants to participate can have plenty of room to play as the others watch?'
'Oh yes! Let's have a caning competiition!' cries John.
'Nooooo! A flogging one!'
'No! Let's have a free style whatever you want competition!'
I wait for the suggestions to die down.
'I think it best we have a freestyle one' I say. 'Then everyone can do as they prefer. Let us have ten minutes each to do whatever we like, then we all vote and the winner gets a surprise treat?'

Everyone agrees and Doug and dawn begin. We all watch as he expertly goes through different techniques with several floggers and using both hands. We all know that dawn is somewhat of a pain slut and Doug does not hold back in the flogging until the skin breaks slightly on her bottom. He then frees her hands from the cuffs and she hugs him tightly, her face one wide beam of enjoyment.
Anna is the next and she has brought a female sub with her. She chains the pretty girl to the beams and then we all watch fascinated as she performs with a three foot singletail, flicking the girl with just the end of the whip, the cracks sounding deafening under the low ceiling. Carefully and expertly she makes a little pattern of vivid red dots on the girl's shoulders and then her bottom with the lash.
I watch and admire, knowing that it has taken her many years to gain that sort of proficiency and I applaud enthusiastically when she finally finishes her display.

Then it is my turn and I motion the boy forward and position him underneath ceiling hooks so that I can attach his cuffs to the dangling chains. I put a padded hood over his head and lace it tightly.
Quickly I thickly cocoon his whole body in clingfilm until he looks like a crysalis, wrapping it right up and over his head with just two air holes over the nostrils. I speak to him, asking him if he can hear me and he does not respond, so I know the pads inside the hood prevent any outside sound reaching him.
I push him gently and he sways and then even though he is attached to the beams and cannot fall, he scrabbles with his feet to maintain his balance and I know he is already feeling disorientated.

I take a sharp knife and cut a large hole in the wrap over his buttocks. Selecting a thin whippy cane I methodically administer a dozen sharp cuts, not hard enough to hurt too much but enough for a warm up.
Rubbing his glowing bottom I allow him a few moments to recover and then take up a beautiful smoked dragon cane. Counting twenty between each stroke I give him six of the best, ensuring I place each cut exactly right.
I rub ice into his still quivering flesh and step back to admire the six tramline wheals all beautifully and perfectly placed one inch apart.
Then I remove all the clingfilm, the plugs and the hood. Carefully we take him down and he wobbles and sways as he tries to regain his balance. We sit him on one of the chairs and I stand behind him, my hands resting comfortingly on his shoulders while we watch the next performer.

After everyone has participated we vote and I am delighted to see Anna voted the best performer, her prize being that she gets to boss everyone in the house for the space of ten minutes! She gives everyone tasks to do and I end up massaging her shoulders and having to do a (thankfully very short) dance while I see the boy grinning in the background.
'NOT very wise!' I hiss at him as I gracefully glide past him.

In the wee small hours I sit drinking jasmine tea. Everyone has left and we are alone. I look around the room and sigh.
'You will get up at seven and begin to clear up' I tell the boy. 'You may serve me breakfast at eight thirty.'
'Yes Mistress' he responds smiling in contentment.
I stroke his face and smile in return.
'You have done well.' I say. 'As a reward, you are permitted to remain here and sleep at my feet this night'
He beams. Thankyou Mistress!' he exclaims, and seizing my hand he kisses it, then steps back in dismay as he realizes that he has touched me without permission. This is a rule that I strictly maintain when we are in a domme/sub situation.
'You are excused this time because you have succeeded in pleasing me.' I tell him. ' But ensure you never make that mistake when we are amongst others'
'Yes Mistress. Thankyou Mistress!' he responds with a contented smile.

'We are both tired' I state and taking the little silver keys I unlock and remove the chastity harness and motion for him to follow me upstairs.
After permitting him to empty his bladder, I attach a heavy chain to his collar and lock the other end of it to the steel ring set into the wall at the foot of my bed. He settles himself down on the huge floor cushion and pulls a duvet over himself.
Smiling contentedly I climb into bed, turn out the lamps and lay with open eyes re living the wonderful party, then sleepily I yawn and close my eyes.........



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