Wakefield Mistress

'Total Power Exchange'
as begun in Story 2 and continued in Stories 8, 9 and 10.

Throughout all next day, Josh couldn't get the thought of his last session with Mistress Jenna out of his head. Whatever he was doing and wherever he went, he found he was re running the scenario over and over in his mind and trying to work out why he felt so resentful about it. He was not naturally a sulky, resentful sort of person and was genuinely puzzelled as to why he had reacted so strongly when Mistress had seemed to favour Ash and not him.
He realised that his attitude towards the training was lacking something, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out why he should feel the way he did. He was passionate about the Gorean concept, as explained to him by both Mistresses and he had begun working his way through the books avidly in order to understand more about it.
It just didn't make sense to him that he was seriously thinking of throwing it all away and yet he just knew that as things stood, he didnt feel comfortable or right about it all.

When evening came, it was with an unusual feeling of trepidation that he set off to pick up Ash as arranged and he was so quiet throughout the short journey that Ash couldn't help stealing concerned looks at him all the way there.
'Are you alright?' he asked.
'Yes, Fine. Josh replied. 'I have decided to ask Mistress Emma if we can spend some of the training session discussing how I feel.' He smiled at Ash. 'Don't look so worried. Remember our agreement? Mates, no matter what.'

He dropped Ash off and continued to Mistress Emma's house. When he knocked, it was opened by a pretty girl, dressed only in a short tunic that left one small breast exposed and with her long hair hanging loose around her shoulders and down her back. Josh blinked, recovered, smiled and went in.
Josh was a fast learner and as he followed the girl through the house and into the training room he didn't try to engage in conversation, as he knew she might not be allowed to respond.
As she opened the door to the large room, Josh was very taken aback to observe several people already there and all in various stages of readying themselves for the session. The doors of the wardrobes were wide open and items of dress and ornament were strewn about the floor. A couple of girls were helping each other to fasten silks similiar to that worn by Josh's guide and kneeling in front of the wall mirrors were two more girls applying makeup, while yet another was practicing positions and eyeing herself critically in the huge glass.
At the other side of the room were a group of four boys, all around Josh's age and all naked exept for the Slave silk, which passed between the legs and then, at both front and back, looped through a wide studded leather belt. Josh immediately and quite unconciously began comparing them with himself and his eyes narrowed. All were moderately good looking, but nothing special as far as he was concerned and he felt he was still the most attractive male in the room.
Just WHY this was so important to him he wasn't sure!

As soon as his guide was in the room, she spoke to the two girls who were still dressing. 'You are too slow! The floor needs to be cleared and everything put away. Work faster!' she ordered, then she turned to Josh.
'In the right hand wardrobe you will find belts and silks. Dress yourself as the other boys are dressed and hurry.' she snapped.
Josh stared at her, surprised and affronted by her preremptory tone.
'Who are you and what right have you to speak to me in that way?' he demanded.
'My name is Julie and you will address me as either Mistress or First Girl.' she told Josh coldly.
Josh laughed.
'Well, JULIE, I don't take orders from someone who is almost naked and quite obviously a Slave.' he stated.
Julie stared at him. 'Are you new here?' she asked. 'I thought Mistress informed me that you were partly trained. Do I have the right person? Is your name Josh?'
Josh had the sense to at least hesitate before replying.
'Yes I am Josh and I don't feel comfortable taking instructions from anyone other than Mistress Emma.' he mumbled.


Julie stared at him, smiled, shrugged and walked away to where the three boys were standing. She stopped and began to inspect them one by one, making them turn slowly before her and carefully adjusting a crease here and a wrinkle there. On one occasion, she seemed to speak sharply to the tallest, who immediately pulled in his belt to a the next notch and then stood poised and graceful as she stood back and re assessed him.
Josh watched her as she walked away and congratulated himself on his easy victory. He obeyed no one exept Mistress and had made that perfectly clear to this arrogant person. The two girls nearest to him had now finished dressing each other and were quickly scooping up items from the floor and storing them away.

Suddenly, a small bell over the door tinkled and Julie swiftly walked to the centre of the room and clapped her hands for attention.
'Quickly Slaves! Assume position!' she cried.
At once, the boys came forward and knelt to her right, while the girls also knelt, but to the left side. Josh had no dea what he should be doing, but as he had been taught to always kneel when a Free entered, he assumed that Mistress was coming and so assumed Nadu, although he was a distance from either group and knelt alone in a clear space facing the door. As he positioned himself with great difficulty, he realised with dismay that he had been so busy looking around at what was going on, that he had not even undressed and was still in sweatshirt and jeans and these did not make for easy kneeling. As he unsucessfully tried to settle back on his heels, he gasped in pain as his tight jeans cut into his thighs and ankles.


The door opened and Mistress Emma entered the room. As she paused in the doorway, the kneeling Slaves instantly lowered themselves until their foreheads were touching the white tiled floor and remained in that position. Josh looked at the rows of bent heads and immediately put his own down, but he was in great discomfort from being clothed and felt he could not maintain that position for more than a couple of minutes at most. He hoped that Mistress would waste no time in ordering everyone into another position, preferably an upright one!
With his forhead touching the tiles, Josh could see very little of what was going on, but the sharp ringing sound of Mistresses high metal heels echoed loudly in the silence and he knew she was slowly walking around the lines of boys and girls. Occasionally, she would pause and correct or alter someone's posture or position, usually accompanied by a few terse words of rebuke. A couple of times Josh heard her praise someone before moving on.

At last Josh could see Mistresses feet and lower legs as she moved toward where he knelt and he tensed his muscles as he had been taught to do, doing his best to show off his lean, well muscled body, even though the actual flesh could not be seen. Mistress stopped and then he heard her sharp voice ring out into the silence.
'saraiya! Come here!'
Josh raised his head a little and saw the girl who had let him in, rise and quickly move to Mistress Emma's side.
'Yes Mistress?'
'Why is this Slave not dressed appropriately?' Mistress barked.
Josh felt some slight trepidation, but his physical discomfort was beginning to be so bad that all he could think about was easing it. He groaned and slid sideways, sitting down and stretching his sore legs. Mistress looked at him.
'You may stand.' she told him.
He did so, and sighed with relief, trying to rub some feeling back into his painful thighs and ankles. Mistress again turned to saraiya.
Josh waited for the girl to accuse him and tell how he refused to obey her instructions, but she remained silent, head lowered submissively. Mistress turned to the nearest kneeling boy.
'Bring a whip.'
A wicked looking singletail whip was swiftly taken from a hook on the wall and brought to Mistress, who again turned to saraiya.
'Assume whipping position and pull down your silks Slave.'

Josh could stand it no longer.
'She told me to strip, but I refused.' he blurted.
Mistress ignored his outburst and waited until saraiya had got into positon then stood over her, the lash held in one hand and draped over the other arm.
'Why are you being punished Slave?' she asked.
'Because Slave failed to please Mistress.' saraiya whispered.

Josh was outraged. He had been at fault, but the girl was being punished! It was not fair! He gritted his teeth as Mistress brought the lash down and he saw a livid red welt appear on the girl's naked back. Three more times the lash fell and rose, before Mistress stepped back and threw it back to the boy, nodding and gesturing for him to replace it on its hook.
'You may kneel.' she told saraiya.
Josh looked at her welted back. Each stroke had left a deep red mark and a tiny bead of blood showed at the end of one. He felt he would burst if he did not express how angry he felt.
He stared at Mistress defiantly.
Why have you hurt her and not me?' he asked. 'She did tell me to get ready, but I refused to do as she said.'
Mistress looked at him for so long that Josh opened his mouth to speak again. Mistress raised a hand to stop him and the again spoke to saraiya.
'Slave, tell him why I punished you and not him.' she ordered.
The girl still wriggled with pain, but spoke up immediately.
'saraiya failed to do that which she was ordered to do and thus failed to be pleasing and this is why she was punished'
Mistress gently prodded the girl with her toe.
'Why was the male Slave not punished?' she asked.
saraiya glanced up timidly.
'saraiya does not know. Mistress does as she wishes and whatever pleases Mistress will be done. saraiya thanks Mistress for caring enough to correct and punish this Slave'

Mistress again turned to Josh.
'This girl is the one who was hurt and yet she makes no complaint and she thanks me for punishing her' she stated. 'Why do you complain when you were not hurt? She was punished because she failed to make you obey my wishes, which were relayed through her in her position as First Girl. She realises that this whipping was a great favour to her because it demonstrated that she still had my interest and that I cared enough to be generous and correct her. She will learn by this and do better next time.'

Work Calls......TO BE CONTINUED.


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