Wakefield Mistress

For all who enjoyed Story 2, here as promised, is a continuation of the adventures of Josh.





Both boys hurried to remove and store the harnesses and then dress in their street clothing.
'What will you do?' repeated Ash.
'I honestly don't know'. Josh responded. 'Things are not as I expected and I am far from sure if I belong here. Nothing I do is right and I am beginning to think that Mistress Jenna does not like me and that no matter how hard I try, she will find fault. I think she is looking for an excuse to get rid of me.'
Ash hung his head.
'Well, you are much more experienced than me in Gor and the way it works.' he responded hesitatingly. 'This is only my second time here and I know that you have been coming to Mistress for two months now. I don't feel qualified to comment on what is happening.'
Ash was silent a few moments and then blurted out. 'But I do understand what Mistress is saying about the need to please her, because I have always felt this need to please people in some degree, even as a child. My self confidence has always been low and so I have always strived to make people like me by being of service in some way. When Mistress tells me she is pleased with me, I also get an intense feeling of pleasure.'
He laughed ruefully. 'Wimp or what?' he asked.

Josh also laughed. 'Maybe being what you call a wimp has advantages when it comes to learning Gor.' he told Ash. 'At the moment, I do not think I want to come here any more. Mistress Jenna is not the only one who will have to give it some thought.'
Ash stared at him curiously. 'You really mean that you may stop attending here?' he asked. 'You would give up your Gor training?'
Josh grinned. 'No, I will not have to.' he said smugly. 'Mistress Jenna is not the only Gorean in town. She offered to train me, but another lady thinks highly of me and is also training me.' Seeing Ash's look of surprise, he continued.
'This is why we have only met once. I visit the two ladies alternately and so last week I was with Mistress Emma. They both want me!' he added impulsively.

By now they were dressed and ready to leave the house. Josh put his hand on Ash's shoulder. 'Hey! Fancy a quick drink?' he asked. Ash beamed. 'Yes I would enjoy that!' he responded. 'But I do not know the area, so will leave it up to you to choose a place'
Josh led the way to a friendly Bistro a few streets away and they both ordered coffee and settled themselves in comfortable seats at a table in the corner.
'This looks a nice place!' Ash enthused as he looked around.
'Oh yes, it is.' Josh told him. 'I grew up around here and know the neighbourhood well. Where are you from?'
'I live in Manchester.' Ash responded. 'I travel here by train and then get a taxi to Mistress's house.'
'You don't drive?' Josh asked.
'Unfortunately not. I don't make a good driver, or come to that a good passenger!' Ash confessed ruefully. 'I tend to be nervous in a car and am much better on the train.'
Seeing Josh's look, he smiled and hung his head.
'Told you! I'm a complete wimp!' he laughed.

Although Josh quickly denied this, he suspected that Ash had not understated his nature and he could not help feeling just a teeny bit condescending and superior. Secretly, he compared himself to Ash and knew that not only was he the better looking, but also had a much more engaging personality and certainly more charm and self confidence.
However, he still liked Ash and admired his honesty and frank way of speaking. He also knew within himself that one of the reasons he was drawn to Ash was a comforting knowledge that he, the handsome, self assured Josh showed greatly to advantage beside him. He decided that he would like to develop the friendship further.
'Are you doing anything tomorrow night?' he asked.

Josh and Ash met three times during the next week. Ash would travel from Manchester by train and Josh would pick him up from the station and then at the end of their evening, would drop him back there.
As Ash relaxed more, Josh began to find him an interesting and very likeable companion. He had read extensively (a thing that Josh had never done) and was knowlegeable on many subjects and yet he had absolutely no vanity in him. Josh felt himself really warming to Ash and was glad that Mistress Jenna had been so busy that she had decided to pair them both for the previous training session.

Meanwhile, he had purposely avoided thinking about what she had said and whether he indeed wished to continue attending, but towards the end of the week, as Ash had got out of the car at the station, he had raised the matter by again asking Josh what he intended to do.
'So, you will not be going to Mistress Jenna tomorrow?' Ash had asked.
'No, I have to go to see Mistress Emma.' Josh told him. 'I am sure that Mistress Jenna will have complained about me and there will be trouble. If she has, we will see what Mistress Emma has to say about it. I think she will be on my side, even if she has to support the other one. She is the one who first found me and I consider her a much more experienced and certainly a nicer person. I much prefer her to Mistress Jenna and am confident that she values me highly and will not want to give up my training.'
Ash smiled uncertainly.
'I am sure you are right.' he said.
Josh laughed.
'Whatever happens, we will still be mates?' he asked.
'Oh yes! I hope so!' Ash smiled.
'Great! I will pick you up from the station as usual tomorrow night, drop you off at Mistress Jenna's and then go on to Mistress's
Emma's' he told Ash. 'After you leave, wait for me outside the house and I will come for you after I finish, then we can decide where we want to go.'

He smiled happily as he watched Ash run through the station and turn to wave before disappearing through the barrier.
'Take care mate.' he whispered as he put the car into gear.


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